You can meet a real "Tayu" at this price!

Meet an authentic "Hanamachi Tayu" the greatest of Kyoto’s Traditional Performing Artists at the oldest geisha district in Japan with over 600 years of history. Currently, there are only five people qualified with the rank of "Tayu". In the past a "Tayu" was only available to entertain the richest and highest levels of society but now you can enjoy the dance presented at the banquet of the emperor! 


1st programme
↓Explainatioan about Tayu. 
↓Ceremony of the first showed up Tayu. 

↓Performance of Tayu's Ancient dance 

↓Performance of Single-stringed Jpn zither or Biwa playing 


↓Photo time with Tayu(1st & 2nd)

2nd programme
↓Tea Ceremoney by Hanamachi Tayu. 

↓Play Konpirafunefune(traditional game) with Tayu. 
90min. (finish)

[charter plan]    

※It is possible to make the event private for groups of 20 or more.

※If the charter plan exceeds 20 people, a fee will be charged for each additional guest. 

※For the booking fee for 20 people, you can secure a private session for groups of 20 people or less.

In the case of series / package incorporation with other events, rates will be estimated separately. 

In addition, we can also quote on special orders such as additional Tayu, regional set, photo session, walk, business trip etc, so please inquire after booking.

We are open everyday, though we may be closed for special occasions such as holidays and events. 

​Please contact us about the date of the event.
Time & Courses:
1.Premium Course 14:00-15:30
(join 1st and 2nd programme)
2.1st Short Course 14:00-14:45
3.2nd Short Course 14:45-15:30
There are 3 courses and 4 types of seat places. The price depends on the seat you chose.
What is Tayu and Kamuro???
※ ‘Tayu’ is the highest-ranked title given to women who combine arts and culture, among occupations (Maiko, Geisha, Geiko, Oiran, etc.) in traditional performing arts
※A ‘Kamuro’ is in training to become a Tayu in the future.

Cancellation charge for events of Tayu 
Up to 21 days in advance : No charge 
20 days in advance or less : 100% 
(in high season and on particular dates any cancellation may incur 100% charge)

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